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Reka Robinson

A Seasoned journalist and TV personality

Reka Robinson, a seasoned journalist and TV personality, was hired to host a new series titled “A Discussion about Covid and the Vaccines: MisInformation and Disinformation – Truth from the educated mind of actual Doctors.” The show aimed to provide viewers with accurate and up-to-date information about the ongoing Covid pandemic and the various vaccines that were being rolled out worldwide. With the rise of misinformation and disinformation spreading rapidly on social media, the show featured expert doctors who provided facts and cleared up any misunderstandings that people may have had about the virus and the vaccines. Robinson’s extensive experience in journalism and her ability to ask incisive questions made her the perfect host for the series. The show promised to be a vital resource for anyone seeking reliable information about Covid and the vaccines.


Our Engineer's Journey

Reka Robinson’s hiring to host the series, “Our Engineer’s Journey,” was a testament to the growing demand for more diverse voices in STEM fields. Robinson brought a unique perspective to the table that highlighted the experiences of underrepresented groups. Her interviews with Debra Gore (the President and CEO of the Greenlining Institute) as well as Erin Hughes, Chloe Rastatter, who are the Young 501c3 founders of Solidarity Engineering offered insights into the challenges and triumphs of women in engineering. Mann, as the first woman to hold a leadership position in the Greenlining Institute, provided an example of breaking barriers in the industry. Meanwhile, Hughes, Rastatter, and the Young founders showed how engineering can have a positive impact on society, whether through environmental engineering or by aiding underserved communities.
Another highlight of the series was Robinson’s interview with Eileen VĂ©lez Vega, who made history by becoming the first woman to hold the position of Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works for Puerto Rico (DTOP by its Spanish acronym.) Vega’s journey was not only inspiring for women in engineering but for anyone pursuing a leadership position. With Robinson’s guidance, viewers were given an inside look into the lives of these groundbreaking women, providing a new level of representation in the industry. Ultimately, the “Our Engineer’s Journey” series highlighted the diverse stories of women in engineering and emphasized the importance of fostering a more inclusive environment for all aspiring engineers.
Power Your Vote:

A Discussion

Reka Robinson, a prominent radio personality, made waves in 2020 by starting the much-needed ‘race conversations’ on her show. As these conversations gained traction, Robinson gradually shifted the focus towards more political discussions. Her aim was to help the general public understand the complexities of the political system, and in turn, encourage them to stay engaged in the democratic process.

In 2022, Robinson took her efforts a step further when she was hired to host a conversation series called “Power Your Vote.” Through this series, Robinson provided a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss their experiences with voting and engage in meaningful conversations about the importance of civic engagement. Robinson’s genuine efforts to educate the public about politics and empower them to participate in the democratic process have been commendable.